Want to know the secret to good coffee? At Aurum Coffee we follow a strict process to ensure the perfect roast each and every batch.

Aurum Coffee are preveyors of fine coffee, our philosophy is to select only premium grades of coffee from the world’s foremost growing regions.

100% Ethically Traded
We use only ethically traded Arabica beans and they come from fair trade certified producers and are imported directly.

Once our beans arrive we carefully blend them using different percentages of each type of bean, an Aurum secret, this is what gives us the unique flavour’s you love.

Roasting is the heart of Aurum Coffee and monthly we roast over a ton of beans. This process is somewhere between a science and an art. We use a 12 Kilo Turkish Roaster nicknamed “Dino”.
Once blended our beans are roasted for between 16 – 18 minutes, then they are left to cool while developing their flavour.

The Result
The result of this process is the award winning Aurum coffee, carefully packaged and delivered as far as Australia. We also serve it locally in our shop and at the farmers market so come on down and try it for your self.

If you have any questions on how we roast our coffee, or would like some friendly advice, feel free to get in touch.